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Windows Explorer fails after upgrading to IE10.

Windows Explorer fails after upgrading to IE10.
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I am running windows 7 SP1 build 7601. I upgraded to IE10, as soon as the PC restarted Windows explorer abends and restarts. I backed off IE10 but the windows explorer abends continued. I then tried to go back to a earlier restore point(which I can only access now in safe mode) but the restore now fails with a 0x8000f error.

I ran chkdsk /r after this retore failure but it comes back clean.

Windows explorer does not abend while in safe mode. I can bring up applications if I access them straight through my desktop icons but as soon as I select the start button, windows explorer abends.

This is on a laptop module L555-S7929.

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Windows Live Mail and other Essential programs stopped working after upgrading to IE10?

I installed IE10 to Windows 7 and my Windows Live programs all fail. I've tried 2011 and 2012 without luck, 2009 will run. but it is so old

I've tried the various repairs and running in compatibility mode - without luck.

The programs will all try to start and then report they can't. If I run in safe mode the error reported is 0x80041161 but any of the suggested fixes for that problem have not work in my case.

There is no revert or uninstall for IE10. and I'm not really sure it was IE10 that is causing the problem - it could be a coincidence.

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Flash Player failed after upgrading to Internet Explorer 10

Since installing Internet Explorer, Adobe Flash player has refused to work. I keep getting "you must install" type messages about the product, yet, I've got it on auto-update; and its been there for a very long time.

Prior to IE10, there seemed to be no issues.

AFP has been installed multiple times, w/o successfully integrating with IE 10.

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How to uninstall Internet explorer 10

I need to remove IE10 now and revert to IE9 because IE10 is not compatible with my work database. This has to happen fast.

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What's the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit tabs in internet explorer 10

"The IE10 browser frame process runs 64-bit, but for compatibility with plug-ins, IE10 runs 32-bit tabs by default. If the user turns on “Enhanced Protected Mode”, they will have 64-bit tabs by default for IE10".

My question is whether I should run my tabs in 32-bit or 64-bit mode, and what, if any differences there are. (I am aware that, in IE9, 64-bit was always a bit iffy and I did all my browsing in the 32-bit mode).

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Internet explorer 10 froze every time

I allowed the IE10 update to install. The installation appeared fine, however IE10 froze every time I tried to enter an address away from my homepage (about:blank). I uninstalled using the removal of update expecting IE9 to come back.

The icons are there, but when clicked on I get a brief flash of a window and nothing more.

I tried reinstalling IE9 but that fails reporting it can't install as a later browser (or some files) is/are installed.

I tried reinstalling IE10 but that fails with an 'unknown error', so at the moment I seem sandwiched between browser versions.

System restore has been turned off for a long time as previously I have never found it to work succesfully on my system.

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Explorer.exe Won't Load after downgraded the internet explorer 10

Yesterday I downgraded internet explorer 10. Now when I turned on my computer I get a message that says:

Setting up personalized settings for:
Web Platform Customizations

And my explorer.exe won't load. It's just a blank screen and that message. I am not really sure if the IE10 downgrade really caused this but this isn't the first time downgrading IE messed things up.

Last time I had IE9, I tried to downgrade it to 8. It caused my IE to not work properly. The settings doesn't open, and it crashes when I type something in the address bar. I tried to reinstall IE9 but it says I still have the latest version.

So what I did was install IE10 because I know it won't come up with the "you already have the latest version" error. And I succeeded installing IE10.

And yesterday, I tried to downgrade IE10.

2 things aren't working. My IE is not working properly again (same problem as before again).

And my explorer.exe is not working too (coming up with that message above). Things I've Tried:

* End explorer.exe in processes and rerunning it.

* Restarted my computer.

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Missing Internet explorer 10 - not found in program list

I have had IE10 in and running for several months on Windows 7 Home Prem x64 on Thinkpad x120E. I typically use either Chrome or FF19. today I thought I would try a bothersome government website with IE10 and discovered the icon is gone - changed to that generic square thing "missing".

Went to the programs folder in Control Panel and there is no Internet Explorer entry.

Checked Program Files x86 and there is the folder, and the exe file etc. tried to run the iexplore.exe and it fails, leaves no error message in windows event log. downloaded the IE10 install package from MS and it bails saying there is a later version already installed.

Along with the cratered IE10, firefox "Nightly" x64 suffered similar fate, and Ccleaner [also a x64 version] the same.

I'm dazzled. system is otherwise stable, no issues except I DID notice that in Windows Update list it offered up "Internet Explorer 9" for me to install. a tad disconcerting.

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IE10 fails to install on HP laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit

I've tried various things to try to get IE10 to install:

Ran SFC /scannow - ok
Ran the SUR check - ok

Checked the prerequisites list - some say 'already installed' - some say 'not applicable to your system' (which means.? And yes, I did use the x86 versions.

Tried the troubleshooter.
Tried and failed to uninstall IE9.

Noted IE10 listed in Control Panel features. But IE9 is installed and runs. Discovered reports that IE10 will not install on a range of laptops equipped with 'hybrid graphics cards'.

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IE10 - how to select 32-bit or 64-bit

I am running Windows 7 Professional -64. MS updated IE9 to IE10 . and IE10 no longer indicates -64 or -32.

I have iexplore.exe in the Program Files folder 757 KB (775,216 bytes) and another in the Program Files (x86) folder 752 KB (770,608 bytes).

I would ASSUME the first is 64-bit IE10 and the second is 32-bit IE10 . but there is no evidence of that . anywhere . All Programs only shows one IE10 . and there is no way I know of to tell which it is.

CAN IE10 be run in 32-bit mode on Windows 7-64 and if so . how? Conversely, can one ELECT to run IE10-64 and if so . how?

I have tried to find these answers for weeks and acchave not found a clear explanaion of this situation.

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Uninstalling IE10 - Internet explorer did not finish installing

I need to remove completely IE10 in order to reinstall it or install a previous version. It appeared it is partially removed. I cannot uninstall it from program & features as it is not there anymore.

But each time, I try to install or reinstall it I get the following messages.

Internet explorer did not finish installing

Setup cannot continue because a more recent version of internet explorer is installed on your computer

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Webmail cannot be read in IE10

My webmail cannot be read in IE10 but Windows in it's infinite wisdom has automatically updated and now I cannot access any of my business emails. There was no warning for this and when you click on IE9 in the download centre it takes you to IE10 again.

I DESPERATELY need to go back or will have to start using a different browser (I have Google Chrome on my laptop at home and can access my webmail on there so I KNOW it's IE10 that's the problem).

As if it isn't bad enough that they have foisted Outlook on me for my personal Hotmail account (which is awful by the way!).

It'll be bye-bye Internet Explorer and hello Google or Firefox TODAY if I can't sort this out in the next hour!

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IE10 - Freezes on Facebook

I suggested the update to IE10. After the update, everything worked OK except for Facebook. The page loaded correctly but when he scrolled to the bottom, it would freeze the program and eventually close. I had him start IE10 in safe mode and it still did it.

He uninstalled IE10 for the time being. I didn't have problems in IE10 on Windows 8, but could they be that different?

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IE10 Reinstall

I'm looking for the best way to prep (I.e. save settings, favorites, etc.) in order to uninstall/reinstall IE10.

I still have remnants of the nasty "full-speed enabled" hanging around that I want to get rid of before upgrading to Windows 8 soon.

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Unable to download technet subscriber in IE10

I just signed up for a TechNet subscription and tried to download on my laptop running Windows 7 x64 and IE10 and the download manager won't download.

I switched to my desktop computer running windows 7 and IE8 and tried to download there, and it works fine?

Is there some compatibility issue between the download manager and IE10?

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IE10 - BSOD page_fault_in_nonpaged_area

I have a fully updated and stable HP laptop running Windows 7. The laptop has Intel and ATI graphics. It regularly TDR's and BSOD's using Chrome (so I tend not to use Chrome on it).

I installed IE10 and have since gotten 2 bsod's with page_fault_in_nonpaged_area. Both happened during mouse movements with IE10 open - one where I was cutting and pasting from another program.

HP has never provided an updated ATI driver (current driver is a lot older then the laptop). The second BSOD came after disabling hardware acceleration in IE10. I'm uninstalling IE10 and going back to 9,

So, does anyone have any thoughts - other then to avoid IE10, perhaps on this ATI based system?

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IE10 install interrupted, error 800706BE

I tried updating from IE9 to IE10 via windows update. When it started installing the whole thing stalled around 80% then nothing happened. So I left the computer alone for an hour, came back and nothing had changed.

I couldn't close it or anything so I had to manually reboot. After that I can't install IE10 at all:

"Internet Explorer did not finish installing

Setup can't continue because a more recent version of Internet Explorer is installed on your computer"

Even after I downloaded the full 42MB IE10 install file from I have checked the Programs & features - View installed updates list as suggested in a couple of help sites I've found online but there's not IE listed there at all.

I'm using IE9 at the moment which seem unaffected except that the language has changed.

I got the 800706BE error code from windows update history.

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IE10 : some folders in libraries are not available for attachments

I thought this was a problem with IE10 because it first surfaced after I upgraded to IE10. However, after going through suggested troubleshooting steps of uninstalling IE10 and seeing if the problem was resolved, it was not resolved.

So I reinstalled IE10 and was told that it is a Windows 7 problem and maybe specifically a Libraries problem.

All my folders are visible when I browse my Libraries from Windows Explorer. But when I am in yahoo email or facebook and trying to attach a photo or document, only a subset of my folders and files are visible when browsing for them.

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Error message (9C48) - installed IE10 but IE9 is still showing

I believe I have installed Internet Explorer 10 but IE9 only is shown in listing of programs. I am being reminded to install IE10 which when attempted gives an error message (9C48).

Ran "Fixit" which reported 3 items

1. potential windows update database error 0x8007002
2. windows update components must be repaired
3. Problem with background transfer service (BITS)

"fixed" all three but keep receiving requests to update to IE10 which then brings me back to error message (9C48)

At present this seems to be an "endless loop"? and although I believe I have IE10 the system only shows IE9 and a request to update

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Optional windows update IE10 and IE9

I opened up and saw the windows update options which included: - Cumulative security update for IE9 kb2809289 (27Mb) (ticked by default)

- IE10 (69.1Mb) (unticked by default)

Would be ok to untick the ie9 update and tick the ie10 - which would mean that windows update will uninstall ie9 and install ie10?

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Just Updated to IE10 now cannot access webpages

Against my better senses I updated to IE10 because so many websites kept informing me my "browser is outdated" well now upon reboot from the install I cannot get any pages to open in IE10. whether I click on bookmarks or type in the address bar nothing happens. Just blank

Is there a setting I need to adjust or should I just give up and reinstall IE9?

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