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What is Interactive Service Detection ?

What is Interactive Service Detection ?
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Could someone explain what Interactive Services Detection is ? I am seeing a message from ISD stating that a program running on my computer is trying to display a message. The following details are displayed.

Message Title: Printers
Program Path: 5b64144ccfdf_6.0.7601.17514_none_fa396087175ac9ac\COMCTL32.dll This message started appearing right after I installed Service Pack 1.

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"Interactive Services Detection"

"A program running on this computer is trying to display a message" I got this weird pop-up message today on my laptop and was tempted to comply when I read that:

"The program might need information "form" you or your permission to complete a task."

Misspelling "from" made my spidey sense tingle and the Program path: C:\6e875a3a06657abcf()cf()f3ddb13b4\spinstall.exe

Was a little suspicious as well because I remember reading somewhere that spinstall was in the system 32 file and should be mentioned somewhere in the path. Am I under attack or just paranoid?

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How to receive intended message without Interactive services detection

I am trying to send a message from my Win XP Pro 32 bit machine to my Windows 7 Pro 64 bit machine. However Interactive Services Detection is holding up the message until I respond to a prompt (Something like "Do you want to view the message?").

But when I disable Interactive Services Detection on the Windows 7 machine, I don't receive the message at all. Is there a way to receive the intended message, but without the Interactive Services Detection prompt?

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Interactive Services Detection - how to control behavior?

Is there a way I can have the Interactive Services Detection window open in a normal window, instead of minimized to the tool bar?

I have a service which checks certain system configuration parameters on each user logon and logs the results. If any error states are logged, the service launches the logfile with the most recent entry open on the user's screen.

The UI0Detect service, however, launches minimized and thus the logfile opening is likely to be missed by less-than-fully-attentive users.

Alternatively, is there a way to create exceptions for certain services, such that legacy Win XP interactive behavior can be allowed?

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"Interactive Services Detection" Microsoft Outlook 2010 Startup

I keep on getting this popup on my computer. "A program running on this computer is trying to display a message." I'm running Outlook 2010 and it is working just fine.

I've read on other forums how to disable interactive services detection, but I'd like to know how to eliminate the cause of the message in the first place.

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Getting Interactive Service Detection During Remote Installation

Everytime I attempt to install software (java, for example) via remote, I receive the Interactive Service Detection pop up on the target computer(s). Could someone give me a better description of what ISD is, and can I disable it in services? I would rather remote install software on multiple machines at one time then manually on each. I just want to make sure there would be no consequences to disabling ISD.

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Focus Lost to: Interactive Service Detection

I have this problem that interrupts when I do something on full screen (interruption on every few minutes)

*FOcus lost to: Interactive Service Detection*

It does not pop up any dialog, but just for a sec I can see something on my taskbar then diasappear.

After some research, I found that the service name that interrupts is UI0Detect.exe.

I can stop the process in Task Manager, but it will show up after a while. And I checked on services.msc, the "Interactive Services Detection" has a manual startup type.

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Interactive Service Detection: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime library

IT Department replaced old Windows XP computers with Windows 7 new ones. Windows Easy Transfer was used for transferring user profiles (files and other settings).

Now many users are reporting that during the work process, there is appearing a box with a title "Interactive Services Detection". Message Title is: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime library; Program path is: C:\Windows\System32\spoolsv.exe

Based on Program path, it is clear that the Interactive Services Detection appears always when an order for printing is given to the computer and I believe that the printer driver on Windows 7 PC is a kind non-compatible with the OS and it must be replaced.

The Printer driver on the print server is latest and when I checked its version no. on PC, it shows same version number . However, I tried to delete it completely the driver for a specific printer, to try to re-install it manually to make sure that Printer Driver is causing Interactive Services Detection to Pop Up.

I located the driver in Administrative Tools > Print Management > Local Computer > Drivers and tried to delete it, but it always shows a message saying that The selected driver cannot be deleted.

The specified printer driver is currently in use. I stopped and started the Print Spooler Service, but nothing. Then I gave administrative privileges to a user that reported same problem, I instructed him to delete the printer (Since it was installed on his session) and then retried to delete the driver again, but same message.

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"Interactive Services Detection" message pop up every 5 minutes

Well I have a small issue here. After a long research over the internet, I see that the only way to fix this, is to format disk or reinstall Windows. Well my computer is for company and I have many programs that will need to be reinstalled after a format or windows reinstallation, and this is a big problem.

I recently tried to update "Nokia Multimedia Common Components".

It suddenly stopped and said that it couldn't remove the old software, because Nokia Suit needed it. Since then I have a pop up message, telling me that "A running service is trying to show me a message".

Well the message is that it can't be installed. My problem is that I can't install other software because the current installation is running, looks like there is no way to stop this installation, delete this file, finish installation or just in some way put this program to background so I could install other programs or stop the annoying message.

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Interactive Service Detection - Java update problem?

I have a Windows 7 box that keeps popping up with an Interactive Service Detection window. It appears to be some kind of Java update problem, but I can't find anything on line after several.

Hours of searching. I found reference on how to stop the alert, but that doesn't resolve the cause.

Interactive Service Detection

A program running on this computer is trying to display a message The program might need information from you or permission to complete the task Why does this happen?

Message Title: Security Alert
Program Path: c:\Windows\Patches\jre-6u39-windows-i586.exe

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Interactive services detection for ntvdm.exe

Now I get this message: interactive services detection for ntvdm.exe I searched through Microsoft answers and it recommended that I can stop it from services window,so I did that and now the message doesn't pop up(should I stop it?is gonna make problems because I stopped it?)

But I know there is a problem because it began to happen after my update and I didn't get the message before the update.(I have my [LINK] back ups before the update should I restore them?)

About my cmd:

I can't right click into cmd window to paste something.

How can I test cmd to see if it's working properly?

I have scanned my whole windows with malwarebytes and it was clean.

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Interactive Services Detection when using remote control application

A program on this computer is trying to display a message

The program might need info form you or your permission to complete a task View message

Ask me later

I get this message when I remote in to a computer using a third-party remote control application.

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Interactive Services Detection - Dialog Box - Constant Error

On bootup this morning I have been bombarded by a 'Interactive Services Detection' dialog box - I've never heard of the program and am unsure what to do with it. Closing out the dialog box will make it disappear for roughly 10 or so mins, on which it will then return.

I had a bluetooth detection warning or error this morning as well(I didn't see what it said before it went away).

I'm running Windows 7 x64 on an Alienware laptop - I ran Mcaffee as well as some other security programs and nothing popped up with an security issues - so I'm guessing that this is actually a windows program(although I have not heard of it).

I went through Google and a few of Microsoft's sites and have yet to find any information regarding what the parent program is, what it does, how to disable it, etc.

I bought this laptop new, around 6 months ago and this is the first time I've ever encountered this particular error/dialog box - I did not install, download, or change any programs recently(within the past week, minimum).

So I'm a little stumped as to why this is coming up now - with no changes to my system. it's parent program, and anything connected to it does, is, etc and if this program is in actuality a virus or just a program, and to what I should do with it.

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Disable Interactive Services Prompt

Our application deployment system deploys all applications under the system account, which causes certain applications to trigger the interactive services prompt. We can minimize the prompts by making some changes to the packages, but there's some we can't do anything about.

Is there anyway to automate that prompt so the user can still see whatever is popping up, but not get that message?

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Error 1053 on launching windows service

I am dealing with a problem since more than a week and I tried every single solution I found on the net but nothing's working.

I got some win services that do not launch (on startup and manually). I see a 1053 error in eventLog for 3 services (and got 1053 pop-up when I launch it manually)

-spooler (print)
-interactive service detection (maybe this one is causing the 2 others problem)

I already installed all latest windows updates, I ran scans, anti malware, checkdisk, uninstalled a lot of programs, but the problem still exists.

These services launched succesfully on rare cases, but I don t know why (for exemple it worked just after the reboot when I uninstalled office but when I reboot again it's broken)

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How to disable Interactive Service Detector properly

I tried to update my Apli Master 6 programme but for some reason it did not install properly. I tried to uninstall the partly installed programme but this failed to happen. Now, I keep getting a pop-up notice from the ISD with a 'runtime error' message

I tried to stop the ISD by going to C/Control Panel/Admin Tools/Services/ Interactive Services Detector and stopping it. However it keeps reappearing with the same message, and will not stay "Stopped."

How can I disable it completely?

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Interactive Services Detection in Windows 7 when creating a pdf

We recently upgraded our systems to Windows 7. Since the upgrade, the 'interactive services detection' dialog box opens every time I create a PDF file (I am using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro). Is there any way to correct this? Acrobat used to open when the file was created (WinXP), now I get the 'isd' box.

It creates the file, but the dialog box comes up asking me to view the message.

It takes me away from my desktop to view the file (goes to black screen and then displays the file) and I have to close the file in order to get back to my desktop (black screen then back to desktop).

I was able to disable it by going into printer preferences and unchecking 'view adobe pdf results', but I would really like to be able to view my PDF's when they are created.

(We had Adobe Acrobat Reader X installed initially on the system and then installed the full version of Adobe Acrobat Pro 9, using AAP9 as the default program for pdf's. I don't remember if this problem has been occurring since we installed the full version or after Reader X was uninstalled (program was acting funny, so we uninstalled.

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Unable to find User Account: "INTERACTIVE"

Programs installed under the Admin account place shortcuts on the desk top of the standard user account. The account that does this appears to be the "INTERACTIVE" account. I want to give the "INTERACTIVE" account full control permissions because the standard user account can't delete the shortcut (UAC). However, I can't find where the "INTERACTIVE" account is to edit it.

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Where is the location of IP Helper on computer?

I made an account on this site because I wanted to ask the computer specialists on where I could find IP Helper on my computer.

I went to my start menu -> services.msc, and I was told that there should be a service called IP Helper in list of that window. It was in alphabetical order, and all I found that started with the letter "I" was IKE and AuthIP Keying Modules, Interactive Services Detection, Internet Connection Sharing, and IPsec Policy Agent.

The only thing that came close to IP Helper was TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper. But I believe they are not the same thing.

So I did a little searching on the internet. It turns out that the majority of people who wanted to do something with IP Helper got referred to the steps above. So, I may be the only one with no IP Helper on my computer.

If I go to C:\Windows\System32,I have a file in there called "Iphlpapi.dll" Does that mean anything?

My computer is the Dell Studio XPS 7100 series. Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

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Windows 7 Wireless Connection Dropping

I have windows 7 installed in my Lenovo Thinkpad. But the wireless connection is dropping whisically. I checked in Windows Log-> System node every thing looks ok while the connection drops, but in Windows Log->Application node every time I am getting the below error :

A device or program has requested attention. Device or application: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\netsh.exe. Message title: C:\Windows\system32\netsh.exe.

Log Name: Application
Source: Interactive Services detection
Date: 12/18/2010 7:36:05 PM
Event ID: 1000
Task Category: None
Level: Information
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: banerjee

A device or program has requested attention. Device or application: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\netsh.exe. Message title: C:\Windows\system32\netsh.exe.

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Spoolsv.exe and Interactive Services error

I have a Lexmark X7675 printer, I had to go to Lexmark to get help deleting all the extraneous "junk" files left on my system after uninstalling the drivers and desktop application about a month ago.

I have the current drivers for my OS and printer (you need a special one for Windows 7 apparently) I was finally able to get the printer re-installed and it seems to be working.

The problem is, I get the "Interactive Services" error pop up every boot up and it is an error in the spoolsv.exe program. It seems to me as if this is hanging up my startup process as I have to wait about 10 minutes (usually was less than 1) and as soon as the interactive services error pops up it's like the flood gates open and everything starts up normally.

The "PrintSpooler" service is always running when I look at the services so it must restart on it's own.

How can I make this error stop? I've reinstalled and uninstalled and stopped and restarted the print spooler.nothing seems to work.

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