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Wacom tablet not detected on pc Windows 7

Wacom tablet not detected on pc Windows 7
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I have a wacom pen & touch tablet (CTH-460) but my notebook with windows 7 does not recognize it. What changes should I make in windows configuration to solve this problem?

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Windows 7 and Intuos Wacom serial tablet - no driver support?

When running the most recent (and only) Wacom driver for my Intuos GD-0912-R wacom tablet (serial, not usb), my computer recognizes the tablet (I see it in the device list), but no matter how often I install the driver 613-5 (or even the 612-5 version), there is "no driver installed" and the tablet doesn't work. It lights up when I use the pen, but it doesn't work as a pointing device.

I've had this tablet for years, it works great on every other computer I've had. but nothing at all?

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Wacom Intuos 2 USB tablet not appearing as a tablet in XP virtual machine.

Long story short, I am trying to help remotely troubleshoot a friend's computer where they need to use their old Wacom Intuos 2 in XP mode until Corel gets off their ass and fixes the latest version of Painter.

The tablet functions as a mouse in the vm, but when they try and access the Wacom Tablet Settings program, the program is not detecting the tablet. The tablet seems to be detecting as a mouse or other input device.

Any way of getting it to show up as a Wacom Intuos 2 tablet in the virtual machine? Or is that an impossibility thanks to Windows Virtualization.

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Windows 7 64 and Wacom UD-1218-R serial tablet - no driver support?

I am using a 64 bit Windows 7, on a newly bought pc which doesn't have a serial port on motherboard so I bought a PCI serial cart and install its drivers smoothly. Now I want to use my old Wacom UD-1218-R tablet but Wacom has stop supporting that tablet and I can't find a way to make it work.

I have looked these sites and try them but no succes;

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Windows 7 + Wacom Intuos works only after disabling drivers

I've been using the Windows 7 and my Wacom Intuos 3 for about 1 week and it was great.

But yesterday suddenly my tablet stopped work when my windows startup.if I disable the wacom driver the tablet works fine but not with all the wacom stuff, and if I go to the wacom properties and remove settings my tablet back to work normally.

I've tried to reinstall the wacom driver 6.1.2-4 but still the same.when windows startup and load my wacom driver the tablet stop.only work if I disable the driver or remove my settings.(yeah I've tried to get all stuff to default, didn't work too)

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Wacom Intuos 4 freezes after SSD install

I've had the Intuos 4 since it came out. Running fine under Windows 7 x64. Over the weekend I installed an Intel X-25 160GB SSD as my primary drive, which of course required a reinstall. Now the Intuos 4 freezes immediately after boot.

It almost appears as though the SSD drive is so fast that the Wacom driver gets confused and doesn't load properly.

As my PC boots up, the power light on the tablet turns on. When the "Starting Windows" comes on, the power light goes off. It lights up again when the "Welcome" screen is on (that Welcome screen lasts for less than a second with the SSD).

When the main desktop is displayed, the lighted labels on the tablet go on but then immediately go off again. When I touch the pen to the tablet, the cursor moves very slightly and then freezes.

I can restart the service and everything works fine from there, Wacom tech support has been no help. I asked what the wacom web plug-ins did. My motherboard BIOS and SSD are running the latest firmware.

I am using the latest driver for everything, and this even happens on a totally clean install. I've tried using the delayed startup for the tablet service, but that doesn't work either - it never seems to start up if delayed.

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User Account Control - Wacom Pen mouse' pointer fails to move

I use a Wacom Intuos 3 for primary 'mouse' navigation in Windows. If a UAC panel pops up, the wacom 'mouse' pointer fails to move. The wacom pad is responding (the indicator light is working).

I need to use the keyboard or heaven forbid, a mouse to select 'Yes' or 'No'.

Mr Wacom and I feel this is not correct.

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How to use Wacom Penabled Tablet wirelessly

I have a Wacom Penabled Lenovo Thinkpad X200. I would like to use this wirelessly as a wacom tablet on my main PC. as in with the pressure sensitivity and everything. So essentially, I want to use it as a graphics tablet.

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Photoshop stopped with white white screen while using wacom intuos 3

The thing is, that I start doing something in photoshop using an intuos 3 tablet and after some minutes of use, photoshop stops, the screens turns white and it then returns with a message in the down right corner (where the hour, battery, wifi and those things appear) saying that the ATI controller has failed or something like that.

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Adobe and Autodesk programs won't work upon installation of Wacom driver

I have just installed the driver for a Wacom board I have from school on my Acer Aspire 7741Z, purchased almost one year ago, 64 bit. Upon installation (incidentally, the Wacom board is an Intuos 4, and I have another Wacom board of the Bamboo variety), Photoshop 7.0 and other programs including Autodesk Maya refuse to open.

I click on it, the blue circle appears, then it just stops.

Same story for the Task Manager, it turns up there, then it just stops. At the very most, I get a window explaining to me that the program has stopped working. There is no explanation as to why this is happening.

Is the Wacom driver causing this? If not, what is and what can I do about it? If it means uninstalling the Wacom driver, how can I do that?

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Intuos 4 + Windows 7 = USB device not recognized

I've tried a lot and I am running out of options.

I'm working on an Acer Aspire 5542G.
My operating system is Windows 7.

The USB device not being recognized is my Wacom Intuos 4 PTK. - I've de-installed and re-installed my tablet drivers.

- I've shut down and turned on the laptop.
- I've returned the laptop to original factory settings.
- I've taken the battery out, and put it back in again.
- I've de-installed and re-installed universal serial bus controllers.
- I've used CCleaner to clear up my register.
- I've used my google-fu to it's full extent, but I haven't found a fix.

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Wacom tablet causes frozen Windows 7

My windows 7 freezes anywhere from 30 minutes after booting up to just being frozen on boot-up. My wacom stylus/tablet freezes and so does my keyboard. Thus far I've tried four different drivers for the wacom tablet and have tried two wacam tablets--one that states it's compatible with Windows 7.

This is Windows 7 64 bit premium home edition that came with the e-machine computer. Are there any defaults I should check? I.e., hardware?

I am using the same wacom tablet right now with my laptop (Windows XP). Never had a problem booting up in three years.

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Wacom tablet: switch off circle animation

Windows 7 always creates an annoying circle animation round the cursor whenever I use my Wacom tablet.

On my previous PC I was able to switch it off by de-activating the tablet services, however on my new PC I can't get rid of it.

I've tweaked the point and touch settings, I've even disabled the Tablet PC components altogether, but still the circle keeps turning up.

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Wacom serial graphic tablet on a i5 motherboard

Is it possible to run wacom serial graphic tablet on a i5 motherboard if so how

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Windows 7 HP hangs on startup with Wacom tablet

I have an HP laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium.

When I boot with my new Wacom Intuos3 tablet plugged in (USB), the system hangs after the Windows logo loads. (Dark blue screen). I have to do a hard reset to get the computer to restart.

Windows boots fine with the tablet UNPLUGGED. The tablet works if plugged in AFTER Windows is loaded.

I have tried all the available driver for this tablet. Changing the drivers didn't affect the function of the tablet or eliminate the hangup at boot.

Wacom says the issue is not with their driver, but with how Windows is loading the services.

I have turned off "tablet pc input" in Services; "Wacom tablet service" is turned on. (Wacom tech didn't think these services conflicted but some had posted the suggestion to turn windows tablet pc service off.)

Although I can use my tablet, it's a real pain to have to unplug at each reboot.

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Should I switch to windows XP for pen better pen tablet functionality?

So I've run into a lot of problems with my intuos4 wacom pen tablet. the windows 7 tablet pc feature and flicks feature really messed up my wacom tablet expierience AND I've encountered wacom driver issues and independent software issues too.

I was wondering if a pen tablet would work better on windows XP I have a 64 bit capable laptop would windows XP 32bit run fastter on my laptop or not at all?

Is XP 32 or 64 "better"?

For background information look here this is important.

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How to remove ripples when using Wacom pen tablet

How do I turn off the ripple effect when using Windows 7 home premium with a Wacom pen tablet? Never had this problem with Vista.

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Intuos4 scaling issues

I just got a Wacom Intuos 4 a few days ago. the install went fine and the tablet worked wonders. I unplugged it for the night and went to use it this morning only to find that it suddenly forgot how big my screen is when Photoshop is concerned.

Last night it scaled the screen perfectly in photoshop (I run CS4 extended) but today I only have access to the top left corner of the tablet. I have all the settings set up to allow for full use but even the little red line that shows how much of the tablet is considered 'full' is a small portion of the tablet's total area.

Any attempt to fix this manually gives me an error that the tablet workspace is only allowed to be maybe an inch wide and tall respectively.

Why is it discarding most of its surface area? I have had to scale my cs4 window to the upper left of my screen just to be able to access all my menus, which is killing my multitasking abilities, as I usually have cs4 running on the right half of my screen while something else covers the left.

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Wacom Tablet, ring round pen cursor

I use an Intuos Wacom Tablet in Photoshop CS4 x64, and I've been driven crazy by an animated ring that appears when I touch the pen tip to a menu or slider. It made my movements much less precise.

E.g. when I tried to drag a slider a short distance (say, 100% opacity to 95%), the pen wouldn't grab the slider at first; and then it would make much too big an adjustment (100% to 50%.).

Posted on the EU Wacom forum 2 days ago:[LINK].

Here's what it says:

"Vista has the 'pen inking' from XP TabletPC edition integrated, allowing gesture and handwriting recognition. You can control the settings in a special control panel for this, called 'TabletPC Input' panel. [Pen and Touch, Windows 7.]

*Disable 'Press and Hold' to remove that circle.*

"You could also disable the service 'TabletPC Input Service' or go to device manager, select Human Interface Devices' and disable WacomVirtualHID.*

"Then Vista does not see a pen devices and will not activate those features. The tablet will still work fine on desktop and in usual pressure sensitive applications."

I had already disabled the tablet PC in Services, but apparently that wasn't enough. I disabled Press & Hold, and the ring has vanished.

This is probably well known to Wacom/Photoshop users who migrated to Windows 7 from Vista, but I migrated from XPPro, so I'm posting it here in case anyone finds it useful.

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Tablet driver

When my note book open, in each opening message showing your tablet driver is not working properly. Reinstalled or update. So I want tablet driver for Windows 7 operating system.

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Photoshop CS4 stopped working after installed Wacom Intuos 4 tablet

Recently while I am working with Photoshop (CS4 64-bit) the window appears saying "Photoshop has stopped working". Once the program crashes I can't re-open it because the same "stopped working" windows appears on start-up.

I haven't been using any other software but the same problem twice appeared with MS Word.

I bought computer 2 weeks ago so I don't want to re-install Windows after such short time.

This problem seems to appear after I installed Wacom Intuos 4 tablet. I tried to uninstall Wacom driver and install older ones but it didn't seem to have effect or I didn't uninstall all Wacom drivers.

I is hard to say because Device manager often doesn't show all Wacom drivers installed.

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Computer Hangs unless Intuos 4 Medium tablet is plugged in to a certain usb port

But my tablet and computer have been working fine up until a few days ago. Suddenly, the computer refuses to finish booting unless my Intuos 4 Medium tablet is plugged in to a certain usb port.

I have tried plugging other items there, but it only accepts the tablet. Problem is; The tablet, for some reason, does not turn on with this particular USB slot anymore, I assume the slot is shot.

I can switch the tablet just fine after the boot screen, but it's rather tedious to have to constantly switch it back and forth. Is there something I can do to remedy this?

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Wacom Intuos4 need to re-install on every boot

Ever since I upgraded to Windows 7, I have been having problems with my Intuos 4 graphics tablet. It seems as though the driver are "uninstalling" themselves, because every time I start up, I have to re-install the driver (I don't have to uninstall the original).

Recently, the problems have gotten worse. Now, even after installing the drivers (again),

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Wacom Intuous 4 Wireless - Windows keeps deleting driver after restart

I take pretty decent care of it, put 4/5ths of my stuff onto a 1tb external, but since two days ago,- the last time I used it - it has taken longer to start up and shut down.

Most importantly though, it has seemingly been removing my driver for my Wacom Intuous 4 Wireless drawing tablet. I've been using it for awhile and never encountered this problem before.

Now whenever I turn on my computer it doesn't recognize or even register that my tablet exists whether it's plugged in or not. I have to uninstall all my Wacom info and reinstall from the CD (which is tedious to do every single time!) or else get the driver directly from the website, which works at first.

The tablet will light up and function properly but before I can use it I am prompted to restart my computer.

When I restart, we're back to square one with a missing driver. I am in 3D animation and this is a huge set back for working from home!

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