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Unable to play media files with WMP error message "Server Execution Failed"

Unable to play media files with WMP error message "Server Execution Failed"
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Up until a week or so ago, I could view most media content without trouble, now for all video files, and some picture files only cues the message "Server Execution Failed", with WMP failing to launch. Using Windows 7 64bit Home Premium.

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Satellite L870-18X cheking media failed

L870-18z with windows 8

I need to replace Windows 8 with Windows 7

I put DVD Windows 7 I push F12 I make boot from DVD but it tike time and give cheking media failed and boot from disk

How can I do to install windows 7 (tray several dvd)

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Media Player Play To Error "Failed to retrieve media Information from media server"

I have a Denon AVR 1912 receiver and a PC running Windows 7 w/WMP12. When I try to use the "play to" feature I can select the receiver but get an error "Failed to retrieve media Information from media server."

I have tried to re-install WMP 12 and have tried disabling my firewall with no success. Airplay works fine, but I prefer WMP to I-Tunes.

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Server execution failed and Windows media player wont open

I'm having errors with Windows media Player and Media Center. I get a message that says server execution failed and Windows media player wont open. Media Center will open but wont play audio files. my hands are tied unless I can find some way to fix this

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Cannot open Windows media player error server execution failed

I have windows 7 and recently every time I open my media player it doesn't open at all and if I select a file to play using media player it say " server execution failed" and this never occurred before.

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Windows Media Player 12 - mp3 failed to execute

My media player will not play my music, every time I click on an mp3 it says failed to execute. I have tried turning off and on features as well as rebooted my system and that failed. I have tried all available options on here for related issues I have had but sadly all have failed.

I am at a loss here and I do not wish to re install windows 7 just so that I can play my music.

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Server Execution Failed in Windows Media Player

Every time I try opening Windows Media Player I get an error message saying "Server Execution Failed". I've tried stopping and restarting the program, I've tried the troubleshooter, I've tried doing a clean boot, and nothing works.

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Windows Media player 12 will not start + "Server Execution Failed"

Since purchasing this PC (OS: Windows Home Premium) in August I have never got Windows Media Player to Open. Clicking on the icon in the start menu does nothing as well as clicking on "runs as administrator".

Furthermore, any attempt to open a media file either Video or Audio will yield a "Server Execution Failed" message. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall WMP via "Turn Windows Features on or off" as well as deleting the library (for corrupt databases) with the instruction given on these forums to no avail.

Divx, Winamp, and Spotify Media players all work fine, and I downloaded these AFTER I could not get my WMP to run.

I just need to be able to open Windows Media Player to network my Xbox 360.

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Sony VAIO - Windows Media Player won't start Server execution failed.

I have a Sony vaio ESeries VPCEB24EN. Windows Media Player won't start either from the task menu nor from the start menu. Everytime I try to play a playlist or individual song through Windows Media Player the following error message appears:

Server execution failed.

I tried Turn Windows Media on or off, run as administrator and enabling Windows Media Player as a default program but in vain. However other media players are working fine.

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Installing Windows Media Player 10 on Windows 7 x64 ?

Anyone knows if we can install WMP 10 on 7 x64? I really hate WMP 11 behaviors, I want it to be maximized at all, when opening it, it re-sizes itself to the size of media being played.

Some times, it won't open media files and after a while says: "server execution failed"

I have to re-open the media and it will open this time!

Any Media Library, I hate it, I don't want WMP to be opened always in Library mode, I want it always in Now Playing mode.

And nothing is customizable!

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Media centre - audio error occurred and server execution failed

Every time I start media centre and click on my library, I get blue box with " audio error occurred". If I go to media player and select a track from an album it gives me "server execution failed". Tried everything I can think of, system restore etc,

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Windows 7 Media streaming not turning on

When I try to turn media streaming from either wmplayer or the control panel it says that it is not turned on because a service it depends on has failed to start

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Intel graphics media accelerator failed to install

I am using windows 7 in my PC, Intel dg41rq, my processor is Intel Pentium and have a 2GB ram on 500 GB hard disk.why Intel graphics media accelerator failed to install in my windows 7?when I tried to play chess titans game in windows 7 suddenly my monitor was there any way to continue windows 7 in my pc?

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Media player - Server execution failed when open a media file

C:\Users\public\videos\sample videos
Server execution failed

This is the error message that I'm getting whenever I'm opening a media file.

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Unable to open Windows Media Player - Server execution failed

When I click on the media player, the player doesn't open up and an error comes up; C:\Path file. Server execution failed. I want to reinstall it but I don't know how to do it.

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Windows Media Player not found

My computer recently caught a virus which caused some of my prorgammes to be hidden which I sorted for all, apart from windows media player. I tried windows turn on off features and the computer said on start up that the configuration had failed after I found out it had been turned off.

I checked deafult programs as well to look for windows media player and I didn't find it.

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Windows Media Player 12 and Media Center froze and Server Execution Failed

Did a clean install of Windows 7. Installed Zune software. Copied my music collection over to the drive with Windows 7. Started Media Player and started having problems immediately. Media Player froze while identifying my collection.

Started getting "Server Execution Failed " and Windows Media Player Sharing Service Stopped and would not start. Media Player would start then freeze.

Zune program would boot and run. After researching these problems, I got the Sharing Service working but now Media Player will not start. Click on its Icon and nothing. Tried to set up my Media Libraries with Media Center and it tells me that a necessary component of Media Center did not start properly.

I know that this problem is probably caused by corrupted DRM settings.

Tried resetting , didn't work. Delected the DRM directory. Still no luck. Other than this, I Love Windows 7. I'm ready to dump XP. Vista is not an option.

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Window media player server execution failed while playing music

My window media player in showing me "server execution failed" during song play. how I can open my window media player properly without window setup

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DTMB DTV Receiver Download failed Error 800F020B

Attempted downloading above from Windows Update Failed three times.

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WMP 'Play To' from context menu on NAS returns error - "Failed to initialize playlist"

I have 2 NAS' that store the majority of my media. If I browse those shares via Explorer and right-click a movie/TV show and choose 'Play To', it tries to load it but soon fails saying "Failed to initialize playlist"

If I access those same movies from within WMP and use the 'Play To' feature from within there, then it works fine.

If I use Explorer to browse local media, then the 'Play To' from the context menu works fine also.

I thought it could just be a restriction on playing network media so tried to add it to the Library but can't do that as the share can't be Indexed. I tried to get around this by installing a MS patch to allow adding UNC paths to Indexing but it didn't work.

I also tried the 3rd party ZornSoftware which is supposed to alow you to add network locations to your Libraies via MKLINKS but that also failed.

I also don't even know whether that would allow me to use 'Play To' anyway. So can anybody provide insight into getting 'Play To' working from NAS via Explorer?

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WMP - failed to retrieve media information from media server

I get this error for some of the video files I have to a Samsung TV. (H.264 encoded)

However the file play fine even in the MS Media Player.

Is this a problem with the Samsung TV or the Windows 7 software? I know that some older (H.264 encoded) files play OK.

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