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Unable to open folders - The remote procedure call failed and did not execute.

Unable to open folders - The remote procedure call failed and did not execute.
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I can't seem to open any folder using Explorer in Windows 7, as it fails with the above error. This happened after Explorer stopped picking up metadata on files, and so I killed and restarted explorer using Task Manager.

Files and folders on my Desktop still show up, and files still open in their respective applications, but folders won't show, as with the error. Happens with any local folder.

I can't find anything on Google. I haven't touched any Explorer settings, and I'm not interested in an Explorer alternative. I can restart, but this has happened once before, so I'm thinking it'll happen again after a restart.

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Windows Explorer is not not responding: Remote Procedure Call Failed and Did Not Execute

Randomly, (Every 20 minutes) while navigating through Windows Explorer I will get a message that says Windows Explorer is not responding and I get an option to either wait or close now. When I choose to close now, I can not open windows explorer again for about 10 minutes. Each attempt results in a Remote Procedure Call Failed and Did Not Execute.

I began to encounter this error after installing a few programs coming from a clean install of Windows 7.

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BSOD after "Remote procedure call failed and did not execute"

-Windows Home Premium x64

-Windows Vista initially installed; Dell provided a windows 7 Installation CD once it came out.

When I tried to make the System Health Report, it came up with "The system cannot find the specified path." I'm currently running everything from Safe Mode with networking since if I tried to boot up regularly, the system locks up with little CPU usage, explorer.exe fails and I get the error "The remote procedure call failed and did not execute" when I try to open any folder, the computer locks up again before finally BSOD.

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The Remote Procedure Call Failed and did not execute when opening the control panel

I keep getting the The Remote Procedure Call Failed and did not execute error when opening my control panel or windows explorer on Windows 7. I've made sure the RPC is on and that the second service is on manual so that isn't the problem.

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Explorer.exe stop working with remote procedure called failed and did not execute

Explorer.exe is stop working in Windows 7 and shows the error message "the remote procedure called failled and did not execute. I'm using windows 7. it works fine in the earlier but now it shows the error message that "the remote procedure called failed and did not execute." I'll searching it long time but no reliable material found.

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The remote procedure call failed and did not execute error when try to open folders

Whenever I go to update Windows 7 my new laptop freezes and the computer ends up not responding. Whenever I try to open my computer, documents, control panel or search the following error message appears The remote procedure call failed and did not execute

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The remote procedure call failed and did not execute

I have just managed to crash Windows Explorer and have received

"The remote procedure call failed and did not execute"

Whenever I try and double left mouse click on computer, control panel or any other windows processes I receive the above error message.

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Event ID : 5719 Netlogon : The Remote Procedure Call Failed and did not executed

Event id 5719 Netlogon : This computer was not able to set up a secure session with a domain controller in domain X due to the following: The Remote Procedure Call Failed and did not executed.

This may lead to authentication problems. Make sure that this computer is connected to the network. If the problem persists, please contact your domain administrator.

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Remote procedure call failed - lost access to Windows Explorer

I lost access to Windows Explorer, with the message "26ee0668-a00a-44d7-9371-beb064c98683 remote procedure call failed and did not execute." I am running Windows 7 Ultimate on a Lenovo X200. It's has some network programs from work (eg Sophos) that periodically conflict with my ability to work at home, off the network, I haven't downloaded any programs recently.

So I tried to download malwarebytes.but it didn't and when I tried to access control panel, I get the same error message as above.

Sometimes the network forces an update that conflicts, but they don't think that's it. I am an administrator on my computer, but the network won't let me do some things (like system restore or automatic updates). If it's a network conflict, but if it's not, I'm on my own.

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Restart explorer.exe failed, RPC failed to run

I'm running a program which becomes highly unstable when I ALT-TAB out of it unless explorer.exe is shutdown. This worked well until yesterday, I would just restart explorer.exe and resume normal usage. After restarting explorer.exe and when I try to open any folder I get this error: "The Remote Procedure Call failed and did not execute."

RPC is Started and Automatic in services.msc. RPC Locator is not started and on Manual. The computer carries out file server tasks using Wampserver and it thus inherent that shutting down is to be avoided. Moreover, this issue did not occur before so it is a problem with Windows, not a built-in limitation of any sort.

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explorer.exe - The remote procedure call failed and did not execute

I'm having a serious issue with my Windows 7 64bit.

Immediately after Windows 7 startup, everything seem fine. I start up programs and everything works. But a short while (~10 seconds) after startup, I cannot start any 32 bit software (Tried Google Chrome, Spotify, Steam, WinRar now.

Nothing starts). The programs that I had started earlier works fine. Other software (Notepad & Internet explorer) seems to work fine. I guess these two programs are 64-bit.

If I close any of the software that I had started earlier then I cannot start them again. I tried to right-click the programs .exe file but then the window crashes. I restart explorer.exe but then NOTHING works.

I can't even open My Computer (Error message: "explorer.exe - The remote procedure call failed and did not execute").

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A problem with RPC services

When I open any folder I get this messages: "the remote procedure call failed and did not execute" even I cannot open my computer, and also I could not start the Remote Procedure Call because functions all greyed out.

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Computer empty, can't see drives, no thumbnails, explorer.exe error

I have an on going issue with accessing my computer and thumbnails/icons failing to show. This has been happening for the last few weeks. The first screen shot attached shows some details of my system and the problem at hand: Everything seems to work fine after a fresh start up but after a short while, if I open my computer it shows up blank with a green bar that never reaches the end and a magnifying glass icon on each of the shortcut folders (favorites, libraries.).

In addition to this, if I access a folder by typing in the path or using another shortcut, all thumbnails and icons of files in that folder are missing. If I end explorer and restart the process, it becomes worse and I'm unable to even access my computer or the control panel. Instead I get the following message: ::{26EE0668-A00A-44D7-9371-BEB064C98683}

The remote procedure call failed and did not execute.

However, if I restart the computer or even just log on and off, the problem goes away, but only temporally. I have tried a system restore a while back to a point before the problem was apparent. This did not fix it.

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Unable to join Windows 2003 domain - RPC Failed

My new desktop of windowx 7 pro x64bit cannot join the server.But last week,I bought a windows 7 pro 32bit . and joined the domain without a problem. I can join the domain.But after joining it comes out an error :

Changing the primary domain dns name of this computer to " " failed. The name will remain. The remote procedure call failed and did not execute.

After I restart,when I tried to login my domain,it comes out an error:

The security database on the server does not have a computer account for the workstation trust relationship.

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Folder just load but not opening at all from USB Drive - RPC error

When I insert USB Drive I am experiencing this the folder just load but its not opening at all, plus all the icon was gone , I have done scans for both malware and anti virus but none found. The only solution for this is when I remove the drive and restart the pc.

I also experience this when sorting items without the usb inserted. After this "problem I often get "The remote procedure call failed and did not execute."which restart is the only option.

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Can not open windows explorer

I have a problem,I can open windows explorer.when I click icon,there is error message" the remote procedure call failed and did not execute".how fix the problem?

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Any icon/shortcut cannot be opened

In my lenovo laptop icons cannot be shows

And another problem is I am unfortunately delete the folder sqlserver2005 without uninstall the software cannot be uninstalled.

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Constant windows explorer malfunctions

When I enter my documents (or any directory for that matter), pressing the arrow keys to navigate through the files in the directory (I can't use a mouse do to blindness) often causes explorer to become unresponsive.

Attempting to close the folder it asks me if I want to close windows explorer, restart it, or wait for it to respond. If I select restart, the next attempt to open a folder results in the following error message:

"The remote procedure call failed and did not execute". The only way to open directories again is to reboot the system. This system is only two days old and has been doing this from the very beginning. This problem happens more often than not (about three times out of every five).

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Thumb Nails Messing up. Unable to open folders - RPC error

Recently re-installed my laptop for the 3rd time. Windows 7 Ultimate x64 I've done all the updates and installed all the drivers.

Anyways, now, there seems to be a problem with explorer.exe

If I attempt to close it and re-open it, I get "The Remote procedure call failed and did not execute" upon trying to open computer, libraries, etc.Which, I've never seen before. Creating thumbnails is where the main problem is.

If I go into a folder with some video files, it'll generate the thumbnails fine, but after exiting/clicking back and going to another folder or the same folder again, all the thumbnails are either blank, or defaulted back to the stock one.

I cleared all thumbnails using disk cleanup.

After messing with msconfig, I've narrowed the problem to a microsoft service. Disabling all non-microsoft services and everything in start up has no effect, but doing a diagnostic start up clears the problem. In that, all the thumbnails generate fast, and has no noticeable problem.

Oh and when I was doing the updates, Microsoft . I don't remember clearly, but like it failed and then worked I think. Not too sure what has to do with my problem tho. Oh and there's always this magnifying glass on folders to the left.

Sometimes, it's on every folder and explorer can't load anything, even tho navigating via the address bar works.

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