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How to install MATLAB on Windows 7

How to install MATLAB on Windows 7
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I have been attempting to install Matlab (64-bit version) on my machine which has Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. I have the latest version of JRE, and I have tried installing using the Windows Classic theme (a solution proposed in another thread).

I have tried both Matlab r2009b (installation stops at 76%- post-installation tasks) and 2010a (installation stops at 75%- post-installation tasks). I am installing using a license through my university, if that matters.

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Matlab installation invalid entry size

I have to going install matlab in Windows 7 32 bit, but I havee a problem with that problem is after 35% installation their is a problem comes problems is "invalid entry size (expected 573538 but got 560503 bytes) "...

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Matlab installation whole system freezes

I am new in Windows 7 Home premium and I have a "small" problem with installing matlab. While the installation starts the progress bar is showing that installation is proceeding well, but after a while it stucks and the needed time for the installation increases (exponentially) and the whole system freezes and I can not do anything.

I tried to install Matlab 2012b and 2010b and the same problem occurs with both matlab versions. That makes me . What could be the problem?

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Newly installed Matlab not in start menu

The newly installed programs do not show up in the start menu, however when I type the program's name in "search programs and files" box,

Also there seems to be a problem with file association in newly installed programs. For example new matlab installation have the same problem as above plus .m files are not associated.

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MatLab installer error exception calling main

I got the below error:
Installer error exception calling main
Does enyone know what is going on?

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MATLAB not Opening: opening logo screen then went off

I am using Windows 7 professional x64. Recently I installed x64 version of MATLAB 7.10. Installation is perfect. It also worked perfectly for about five times. Then later it just flash the opening logo screen then went off. I checked the task manager for the process. Matlab is there consuming almost 50% of CPU.

I tried all methods of disabling visual themes and compatibility modes. also tried disabling java option with "-jvm" sometime it opens and some times not!

I am having recent version opf JAVA. So I decided to switch to 32 bit version as I have previously used 32bit version of Matlab 2009.

32 bit version of matlab 2010 worked perfectly but now it is also behaving like the previous 64 bit version!

I don't know where the problem is there is not any log files regarding this! I also mention that I had used 32bit MATLAB 2009 previously it is perfect and also no such problem!

Is it a problem with MATLAN 2010 or JAVA or Windows 7?

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Matlab in Windows 7

Has anyone used Matlab in Windows 7?

I read somewhere in this forum that matlab 2008 is compatible. I don't have Matlab 2008 but I tried 2007b and it did not install the matlab compiler.

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Matlab is freezing on opening screen in Windows 7

I recently installed Matlab on windows 7. There were no problems during the installation process. When I tried to run the application however, it freezes at the opening screen (with the Matlab logo and the license information).

After a while, I get the message that the application is no longer responding.

I tried runing it in the Classic mode as well. but I get the same result. Can anyone help me out to run Matlab on Windows 7?

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Matlab R2009A OCX Registration Error

I try to install Matlab R2009A on Windows 7, all ok but near the finish of installation, I have this error:

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Matlab free download Windows 7

I am online to hear from any one who has experienced installing Matlab 6.5, Matlab 7, in his computer under the operating system of Windows 7 premium.

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Install Matlab 2011a - Installation window closes after copying java/jre/win64 files

I try to install Matlab 2011a but then I stopped the installation. Next time when I start the installation from the Cd, It start by copying some file from java/jre/win64 but after copying the files, the installation window closes

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Matlab 2011 not installed correctly in Windows 7

I tried installing both matlab 2009 and 2011a on windows 7, however after finishing installation,a message came saying software not installed correctly

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Matlab 2009a installation disappear at 22% on Windows 7 starter

I was installing matlab release 2009a on Windows 7 starter then an error occurs when the installation was at 22% that the whole screen disappears and the whole screen becomes black.then a blue screen appears which had an error message that physical memory dump.and the system then restarts. an error message occurs as the desktop appears.

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How to installed matlab 2009 32 bit in Windows 7 64bit??

I've got a problem to install matlab 2009 32 bit in windows 7 64 bit? without reinstalled my windows.

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Installing matlab with Windows 7 - invalid stored block lengths

I have a problem in matlab R2009a with windows 7 . when I install it this message appears " invalid stored block lengths"

How I can solve that ?

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Matlab 2006 for Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit

When I installed Matlab 2006 in Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit , there weren't problems until 5th step. But the installation not running until "confirmation step".

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How to install Matlab 2007 on Windows 7

How to install Matlab 2007 on Windows 7?

Method 1: Change Windows 7 Theme to Windows Classic

To change Windows 7 Theme to Windows Classic, follow these steps:
1. Right-click on the Desktop and then click Personalize .
2. Scroll down to Basic and High Contrast Themes .
3. Select Windows Classic .

Method 2: Change the Java used by Matlab 2007

To change the Java used by Matlab 2007, follow these steps:

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Matlab 7.0 closes on saving a program

I have installed matlab 7.0.1 in my laptop Windows 7 but when save a program its exit automatically.

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Matlab for 64 bit Windows 7 - unable to run some codes

I have matlab 32 bit version and my windows is 64 bit.I installed it but I cannot run some of my codes in that.

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Unable to install matlab on 64 bit Windows 7

I am a student my project is bpsk using fpga and I have a laptop the matlab software is does not install because my lap is 64 bit processor

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Installed Matlab 2009a but unable to use some packages instance sym fucnction

I successfully install matlab 2009a on Windows 7 , but I can't use some packages instance sym function.

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Installing the abandoned Microsoft JVM under Windows 7

For getting an older version of MATLAB (6.5 R13) to work under Windows 7, I needed to install the abandoned Microsoft Java VM. Even if MS states that this is not compatible, I got it to work under the 64-bit edition of Windows 7:

1) Get the last version of the Microsoft JVM (Build 3810) from some website, it's usually called "msjavx86.exe".

A still working official link is (despite the different filename) [LINK]

2) Use your favourite zip tool like 7-Zip to extract the "msjavx86.exe" file to some directory.

3) Open a command prompt in that directory and type: javatrig /l

4) A dialog will appear indicating that the Java VM is not compatible with Windows 7. Ignore it and just click on "Run program".

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