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How to change network printer ip address

How to change network printer ip address
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How do I change the ip address that windows is looking for in regards to my wireless printer? My printer keeps changing its ip address ie yesterday the address was and now it is and every time it does so, windows doesn't understand that and keeps trying to print to the wring ip address causing me to install the printer as a new one from the new ip address giving me two of the same printers when I look at devices and printers.

I would like to know how to just change the ip address that is being referenced for the one printer instead of installing it separately as an entirely new printer.

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Hp 2550L Printer Connected to router on different subnet ip

I have connected Hp 2550L printer to a router by network cable , and by printing the configuration page I know the ip address of my printer which is starting from 10.x.x.xx and all my computers attached to network starts with ip 192.x.x.xx .

When I add printer to a network it does not found the printer on network , and when I ping the ip address of my printer it says "time request out", how can I solve this problem , may be m y printers ip address is not correct I don't know the exact problem. I shall be very thank full to you in this regards .

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How to add Network Printer IP

I go to cmd/ipconfig but it shows my linksys ip which is 192.168.1.x (my computer). If I go to Start/Devices and printer/add a printer/add a local printer/create a new port(standard tcp/ip port, then what should I put in host name/ip address 192.168.1.x (x is what I don't know).

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Windows unable to detect Brother DCP-9045CDN printer

I've just done a clean install with Windows 7 Pro x64 and want to install my printer (Brother DCP-9045CDN), but so fare without any luck. My printer is connected directly to my router (Zyxel P-2602HW) with an ethernet cable and the DHCP server in my router is active.

The problem is that Windows doesn't detect the printer at all. I've tried with Windows firewall both on and off, and UAC both on and UAC off. I've assigned an IP address in my router for my printers MAC address, and I have tried with the printer LAN config in both auto and static (with the specific IP address entered).

I've tried to replace the ethernet cable.

I've tried to install BRAdmin Light (a Brother network printing admin tool). According to Brother's how-to-succeed book then I'm doing everything right and it should work except it doesn't

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How to add a Brother HL-5250DN networked printer - 0X00000709

I have a user that wants one of our computer labs to have his networked printer added into the list of available printers.

The Printer is a Brother HL-5250DN, and I already have the .inf driver. I have written a script but it does not seem to work. I am replacing the printers IP address with a generic loopback for my example.

My Script:
"@echo off

Rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /in /ia /f C:\Brother\BRHL5250\BROHLA5A.inf"

I put the script and .inf driver file on the server and sent the job to a computer to test it, and it failed and I am receiving error "0X00000709".

Basically the error is saying that the printer cannot be found, but this is the IP address that the faculty member supplied. and/or how to improve this script?

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Brother HL-5150D Printer on Linux cups server - can't print from Windows 7

Printer (brother HL-5150D) is connected to Ubuntu 10.04 Linux desktop. I'm unable to print to it from my new hp dm4t running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. The printer is installed on, and works fine from, a laptop running Windows XT and a desktop running Windows 2000 Professional, and of course from various Linux boxes as well.

I was able to install and use the printer on the Windows 7 laptop by disconnecting it from the network & connecting it by usb to the laptop (using "generic" driver from Windows Update), The printer is installed on all 3 Windows machines as a network printer with the uri: [LINK] lan address>:631/printers/HL-5150D-series

And this works fine on the two older versions of Windows.

I also tried installing it on the Windows 7 machine as a local printer with that same address. Note that the Windows 7 printer wizard does report that it was successfully installed -- but it is unable to print a test page.

It is also unable to "configure the port"; in other words, after installation I went to printer/properties/ports and clicked to "configure" the checked port, and then just clicked OK on the next dialog without making any changes, but that operation fails with "An error occurred during port configuration. Operation could not be completed (error 0x000000aa)."

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How to change HP officejet J4680 printer IP address

I moved from dsl to cable and of course changed routers. I have three computers on a network and and an HP officejet J4680 which had a ip of on the old network and everything worked well. On the new network the printer ip has changed to and the computers can print to the printer ok however I cannot scan a document.

The paperport software seems to be looking for and I cannot find a way to get paperport to look to The exact same problem exists with irfranview.

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How to change OKI M361 printer IP address to new range

I've changed my internet provider and the provided router uses a different range from my old one. The printer (OKI M361) needs a fixed IP. How can I change it back to DHCP so the new router can detect it and I can make it permanent?

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Printer address not visible in recorded macros

My company recently upgraded to MS Server 2011 and upgraded from XP to Windows 7 for our workstations. I run macros within Excel that have multiple printers within the code that print to recycled paper and adobe .PDF files.

When I would record a macro in Windows XP the exact printer address would show up in the code. For example: Application.ActivePrinter = "\\HWDSERVER\Canon RECYCLED on Ne11:" I assume the name and address are assigned by the server but not sure.

With Windows 7 when I record a macro the printer name and address does not show in the code. Where can I find the exact printer name and Ne numbers for the different printers?

NEW INFO - I now believe it is an Office 2010 issue. The printer address in macros I created in Office 2007 are visible but in Office 2010 are not.

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HP Laserjet M601n & CP5225n Printers going offline on wireless shares

Yesterday I installed 4 new HP Windows 7 professional, 64 bit. They are all connected to the network via wireless. The firewalls are off on all 4. They are all set to never shut down/sleep. And they all have static IP addresses.

2 of the PC's have printers connected via USB cables. (HP Laserjet Enteprise M601n & HP Color LaserJet Professional CP5225n) Both Printers are set to share, and the PC's are set to discovery.

I was able to get printers to share with the other PC's, (\\computer name\Prt Shared name) One used the PC name and the other the IP address. both printers now show offline on all the PC's using the share but they are online on the PC they are connected directly too. All the computers have the same and the latest/greatest driver for these printers.

Is there some other setting that needs to be looked at. Many of the solutions I have seen we are currently using, and the end user is not going to be happy restarting the spool file every day.

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Printer Goes Offline - Need to reset wireless adapter

I am running Windows 7 and have an HP LaserJet which is connected to my wireless network using an adapter. The printer goes offline everyday when I restart my computer (or it comes out of sleep mode), but even if I get the printer to show as "Ready" (by unchecking or checking SNMP setting), it won't print until I reset the adpater (by unplugging the power).

Then it will work for additional print jobs as well.

The IP address of the printer does not change and I have even tried using a fixed IP address (including one outside the range I set for the wireless router). Is this more likely an issue with the router than with Windows 7?

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Printer Visible in Print Dialog But Not Visible in "Devices and Printers"

I was excited when I saw the thread entitled 'Printer Visible in Print Dialog But Not Visible in "Devices and Printers" ' but then realized that my issue is slightly different from what people were reporting (and the moderator was addressing) in that thread.

So the issue we're having is very similar but not quite the same. And in our case the problem is not restricted to HP printers. - Our office has a File server running Windows Server 2008 R2 from which we share all of our network printers, most of which are HP but we have several Xerox and Konica printers out there as well.

On certain user workstations running Windows 7 Pro (32-bit PCs), the Devices and Printers box in Control Panel shows none of the printers, either local to the PC or shared from the network.

You can add printers there, and they will appear in Print Dialog boxes in applications but they remain invisible in Control Panel. They are not visible in the printmanagements.msc console either.

It seems like it might be related to the user's profile, because when I log on as an administrator to the user's workstation, I can see the printers added for the administrator's profile in Devices and Printers.

But I cannot see any printers, local or network (and most of our users have both types) when I log back on as the user. But, OF COURSE, I do not want to disturb or recreated the user's profile if at all possible, (assuming that really is the issue and deleting and recreating the profile actually fixes it.)

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HP laser jet 2055d Printer Shared but not showing network places

I have printer named hp laser jet 2055d. It's connect my pc, there I using windows seven. I shared it. My another system is windows xp. I want to print from here using my shared printer.

If I browse my windows seven pc using "my network placecs" here don't showing my shared printer. If I browse my pc from run using IP address then my shared printer is showing.

So what's problem in my xp pc. why my network places option not showing shared printer. If have any connectivity problem then I didn't found it by run option. I checked the advance file and printer sharing option.

Here tern on is network discovery and file and printer sharing option. windows seven or windows xp.

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Epson Stylus CX8300 Printer settings cannot be saved. Access is denied

I just bought myself a Netgear ReadyNas Duo to store documents and files here on my home network. I got a PC running on Windows 7 64bits, a couple of laptops with one on Windows 7 64bits and the other one on XP Pro SP3. I have also got a printer Epson Stylus CX8300 plugged onto the PC.

Since the ReadyNas duo supports Print server, I'd like to hook up the printer epson to it via USB. I could see the printer on the list when entering the share path on the windows explore address bar e.g \\nas-80-78-89\ I then right-clicked on the printer and selected connect.

It asked for the driver which I have downloaded from the Epson website before. Then, I could see the printer on the list under Printers and Faxes on the PC.

I then tried to print a test page through word 2010 through File > Print. What happen was it took a while to load up the print page, and once the print page was loaded, it took a while to detect the printer. it said status unavailable under Epson CX8300 - nas-80-78-89.

I then removed the printer and took a different approach to get it connected. Under windows explore address bar, I entered \\nas-80-78-89 and select "view remote devices". I got another pop-up windows with the printer epson showing in there.

I then right-clicked on it and selected "Sharing" option. I followed the wizard to add the driver and all that. I received the error "printer settings can not be saved. Access is denied". I have disabled the firewall and it still gave me the error.

I have exhausted all the possibilities I could think of but to no avail.

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HP 1200 Business Inkjet Printer shared xp and Windows 7

I have read the threads on this very problem and tried their solutions but they don't work for me. I have a 32 bit windows xp system with a hp 1200 business inkjet printer. It runs great. I have a new 64 bit laptop running Windows 7.

The printer will run on the laptop if it is connected locally. The printer is seen by the laptop on the network. When I try to install it on laptop as a shared printer from the network it says it doesn't have a driver.

It tries to locat one and can't. I have tried to download HP's universal driver (64 bit) which is supposed to work and point the install to it but it says it is not a valid driver.

I have tried connecting (software) the printer it has the same driver issues. I have tried changing the port address to \\Server\hp1200 (the name of my server and printer) and it says no such port. The firewalls on both computers are turned off during all of this. I have been to every website on the internet, all zillion of them and no success.

I know that there are threads on this site to exactly the same problem but either I don't understand them correctly or they don't work for me.

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HP Laserjet 4L Printer Driver no software available

I have an HP Laserjet 4L. Windows Vista and XP automatically find the software and install it correctly. Unfortunately, HP drivers are no longer available and HP says the drivers are in XP/Vista and they won't post the software for download.

My environment: Home network, the HP printer is attached to a network printer device with an IP address. On my laptop (XP Pro) I have the printer installed and it works great. I was able to share this printer and find it and print to it using Windows 7.

Now, since Windows 7 has the drivers and it works fine, I should be able to add a networked printer using the same drivers. But no luck. When I try, it keeps looking for the INF file to install the drivers, which of course are not available.

When I print a Printer Test Page, I see the following (I won't type irrelevant information): Laptop Win XP Information:

Printer Model: HP Laserjet 4L
Data Format: RAW
Share Name: HPLaser4J
Driver Name: UNIDRV.DLL
Data File: HPLJ4L.GPD
Driver Version: 6.00
Environment: Windows NT x86

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HP Laserjet 5M Printer Driver Problem

I am currently having problem with my network printer (HP LaserJet 5M) on my windows 7 laptop. I assume that the problem is related to windows installing the wrong driver (see picture). I install the correct one, the model associated to the driver is wrong.

I tried downloading the drivers from HP website, but they direct you to windows update Plus, when I try to Ping the IP address of the printer, It works perfectly fine from the 3 other computers (running XP on 2 and Vista on the third one).

My computer is Thinkpad T520 running windows 7. the printer has been working for at least 8 years perfectly fine with other computers running XP.

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Printer drivers between 32 & 64bit sharing and RDP

I just find bits and pieces. Sharing printers when the sharer has 32 or 64bit and the one wanting to share has the other, or one is Windows 7 64-bit and the other is XP. Similar problem when using RDP and trying to print locally or remotely.

Sometimes just getting the drivers works. Sometimes I have the 32-bit driver in the right one and the 64-bit driver in the other one but it says it can't find any appropriate driver (arg!).

Never know when that's going to work or not so I waste time with drivers only to find that won't work in this case. I've found the silly work around (silly because it shouldn't be needed) of creating a new local port that is a net address to the shared printer.

That sometimes, not always, cures the sharing situation, but that doesn't apply to the RDP problem. Sometimes a client will buy a 3rd party universal print tool for RDP but that doesn't cure the sharing problem. This used to be all so simple.

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Unable to print in color and black is very faint but test page is fine

Unable to print in color and black is very faint. Have printed numerous Windows test pages which are fine. Also v310-v510 series self test pages. Mr. fixit says everything is fine. Have unplugged and plugged power cord and ubs cable from printer and computer several times.

Have black ink and new color cartridge also have cleaned and deep cleaned. I can copy but it comes out without color and the print is lighter coming from the computer which is a ZT.

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Brother mfc-8820-dn printer not listed

I have a Brother mfc-8820-dn and it is not listed under the list of printers. I tried to enter the ip address and again it would not accept it either please advise how to get this unit into the network

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