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Can't connect to "localhost" with wampserver

Can't connect to "localhost" with wampserver
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Today I've installed wampserver 2.0i to test a new cms I'm using and I wanted to work on localhost instead of the web server. After installing wampserver on my C: I tried to connect to localhost to install phpmyadmin and the cms.

Firefox 7 didn't allow me to connect to it. In fact, Firefox 7 keeps adding "w." and ".com" to localhost. The first thing I did of course is googling some answers. I found many topics providing many solutions.

Here's a list of what I've been dealing with (that didn't work for me):

1. Go to: \system32\drivers\etc\hosts
2. Open it as admin with notepad
3. Delete line: ::1 localhost
4. Save
5. Open command prompt as admin
6. type: ipconfig /flushdns
7. Done
1. Open Firefox 7; go to: about:config
2. Type: network.dns.disableIPv6
3. make it false
4. Done
1. Try to connect to instead.
2. Can't. I get the message: Connection to the server has been reset.
1. Try to connect with port :8080
2. Doesn't work either; same message.

I also tested the connection with IE8. Doesn't work either (Page cannot be displayed). I simply can't access to localhost. I opened to command prompt to test the ping for both localhost and and it worked well. Here's my specs:

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localhost can not be opened - iis 7

I'm using windows 7 and my localhost won't work !!

Every time I write in the address bar localhost I get this message "Could not connect to remote server" It was working great one week ago and I was using IIS 7

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How to change 127 0 0 1 to read localhost

I somehow changed localhost in attempting to open it in a different port. But, can't remember what I changed it to and now can't locate localhost.

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Localhost WebStation AX

I regularly work with a program by niagara called WebStation AX, when using windows xp and some application specific changes are made. We can go into a web page and go to either localhost or and bring up a webpage designed within that program.

However after upgrading to Windows 7 we have been unable to open this webpage. On my pc I bring up a webpage IIS7. My colleague gets a search page trying to explain where localhost is.

We have tried a couple of fixes found on the internet however none of these have worked for this situation. What options do we have to bring up the website found using XP and localhost.

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webmatrix software: Localhost:62776 wont open in browser

Hp says nothing wrong with computer, or my ability to set up port 62776 for localhost. I'm using a laptop and trying to use webmatrix software. browser error says 'remote device or service wont accept connection' and I can't use the downloaded iis software to configure the port. I'm also using a sprint hotspot from my mobile phone.

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Opening A Firewall Port ?

I have a program that has two components: RCS and ShortwaveLog that to work properly together apparently requires the opening, or allowing, for a particularly Port No. of the Windows Firewall. "If RCS and Shortwave Log are not communicating and you have a software-based firewall, you may need to add a rule to allow TCP port 21687 to pass.

This rule need only be applied to localhost (" Have been trying to find what to change, and where, without messing anything else up, but I cannot.

The Help File says to click on items that do not appear on the screens (in my PC). (I have the 64 bit version of Windows 7, but not sure whether the program uses the 64 version or not ?)

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Error "The connection was refused...localhost:5918

I was using XP Pro and backing up with memeo on an external 3 TB drive. That computer crashed. The backup is safe and I am currently using windows 7 on a new computer. When trying to restore a particular data file, either by import or restore.I receive this message, "The connection was refused when attempting to contact localhost:5918".

I have tried opening in compatibility mode and as admin. The files appear to be importing but after receiving the above message, I find only the title.

No contents. Could this be an issue with my firewall? I hesitate in telling you that this is a recipe program because I fear you will think it not worth your time.

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Issue opening websites, Facebook, MSN, Microsoft - IE9,FF10,Chrome

I have a Windows 7 Ultimate x64 machine with Realtek PCIe Gigabit Network Controller (On Board). I have a DLink DIR300 Wireless router directly connected to my PC and have a PPOE Broadband connection. I am not able to open websites like, Facebook, MSN, Microsoft, VMWare to name a few.

I have Comodo Antivirus installed and the Windows Firewall and Windows Bit Defender services disabled. Following troubleshooting steps have been tried:

1. Hosts File looks ok with only the localhost entry.
2. Ping returns the IP address with no drops in packets.
3. Sites open perfect on my Laptop (Win XP) / Phone
4. Have Java and Flash installed
5. Installed updated drivers for NIC card from the Realtek Website.
6. Did a flush dns and register dns
7. Reinstalled Router Software.
8. Tried adding public DNS servers.

In any browser, the status says connected by fails to open the page. Also on some websites if I click a hyperlink on the page, a new tab is opened and says connected to the page but the page stays blank. Only the title and the logo of the website come up.

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Can not open .asp files in browser

First, I have installed IIS on my Windows 7 because we have homework for ASP. When I make my ASP file, I put it in inetpub/wroot folder. When I want to open my work, I write in address bar of Chorme/I Exporer this: localhost//mywork.asp (that is how they teach us to do in school, but they have windows xp) and then this error shows.

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Cant get IE9 to open a localserver

I'm using Wamp local server and Chrome and Forefox are fine but IE 9 does not open a page it just goes to Search Results for "localhost". I've deleted the htacess.txt file from the localserver folder.

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Installed xampp - how to host a website

I using Windows 7 Home Pre x64 and XAMPP in my computer, also I sharing my website from my personal computer. So I sharing my website on a free domain but I want buy a domain.

1 - Can I connect my computer to my domain? and how? It's mean can I install a DNS server to my Windows 7?
2 - If I can't install any dns server to my windows 7, can I use as a host os like centos or windows server which installed to virtual pc? It's mean I open my virtual os and my website will be activate.

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Cannot connect to any open port

I have a desktop computer that I haven't started for around half a year. Last week, when I started it, it made a lot of updates and later when I wanted to connect my laptop to it, it didn't work. This used to work in the past, so I started to debug the issue.

I have Avast antivirus and the Windows Firewall enabled, so I disabled them, but still no luck. The ping works though and the desktop is able to connect to the internet (the browser works), but no incoming connections can be established.

I don't think it is a router issue because not even my attempts to connect to the local ftp server installed on the desktop via didn't work.

When I try to connect to the localhost on any port using putty I get a "Connection refused" network error.

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How to close ports? (not just block them)

I am running windows 7 ultimate x64

After booting the pc and without visiting any website when I scan my machine localhost using command nmap -sT -O localhost it shows the following open ports

135/tcp open msrpc
445/tcp open microsof
1025/tcp open NFS-or-I
1026/tcp open LSA-or-n
1027/tcp open IIS
1028/tcp open unknown
1029/tcp open ms-lsa
5357/tcp open wsdapi
6646/tcp open unknown

No big deal because these are all blocked to the internet with mcafee firewall but still I would like to close them for ever! I understand 135 and 445 are usually open and I don't mind that but how about the other ports? how can I permanently close them? not just block them with the firewall? strange thing is I see port 1027 says its IIS (internet information services) but IIS is disabled.

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2 hostnames assigned to by default

My OS: Windows 7 professional 64bit
Developing Drupal 6 sites locally using XAMPP 1.7.1.

I discovered localhost ( is accessible either by typing: "[LINK] or "[LINK] (?). Where "[LINK] comes from?

I opened my "hosts" file on Windows and it is not listed there. I checked "httpd-vhosts.conf" out (\xampp\apache\conf\extra\httpd-vhosts.conf), but it is not there either. I had this problem before restoring completely my system through recovery discs.

After restoring completely my Windows operating system, the issue is still there. I have made a computer scan using the Windows Malware Removal Tool, Eset Nod32 AV 5 (installed on my machine) and even Eset Nod32 online scanner.

Result: no threats found. It seems like two default hostnames have been assigned to

How can I get rid of "[LINK] pointing to
I want only "[LINK] to be mapped to

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IE10 and local files

I recently installed IE10 on two Windows 7 machines, and even with a "default reset," when I open a local page (like C:\Documents\index.html), it refuses to load a simple linked stylesheet. The console error message is: SEC7113: CSS was ignored due to mime type mismatch This is puzzling, inasmuch as there is no MIME type involved - this page is not being opened from a server or from localhost.

I've hunted through the security settings, but nothing seems to change the behavior.

Here's a simple test case. Save this HTML as index.html in a folder on your PC: <!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<link href="common.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
<p>This text should be red.</p>

Now save this CSS in the same folder, as common.css:
body {
    color: red;

Open index.html with Firefox or Chrome - red text, right? But if I open it with IE10, the text is black - the common.css file is not being loaded. I'm seeing exactly the same problem on a Windows 7/64 desktop machine and on an aging little Windows 7/32 netbook.

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Firewall Error Code 0x80070424 , Split

Internet Services:
Connection Status:
Localhost is accessible.
LAN connected.
Google IP is accessible.
Yahoo IP is accessible.
Windows Firewall:

MpsSvc Service is not running. Checking service configuration:

Checking Start type: Attention! Unable to open MpsSvc registry key. The service key does not exist. Checking ImagePath: Attention! Unable to open MpsSvc registry key. The service key does not exist. Checking ServiceDll: Attention! Unable to open MpsSvc registry key.

The service key does not exist. bfe Service is not running. Checking service configuration:

Checking Start type: Attention! Unable to open bfe registry key. The service key does not exist. Checking ImagePath: Attention! Unable to open bfe registry key. The service key does not exist. Checking ServiceDll: Attention! Unable to open bfe registry key.

The service key does not exist. mpsdrv Service is not running. Checking service configuration:

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How can Windows 7 web server be reconized publicly

I went to the canyouseeme and it failed the test. I get the error "Connection timed out". I checked with the ISP and they confirmed port 80 is open. I did port forwarding, pointed the a record to IP, turned off firewall and virus protection, enabled folder browsing and tried various other things but still cannot see the webserver via the web.

Localhost works fine. I worked with my ISP (Centurylink) tech support and they did what they could to ensure that port 80 was open. They even locked in my router and set up DMZ but the connection still timed out.

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Remote Desktop to Win XP suing SSH hangs on Welcome

RDP over ssh. In my setup, RDP client seems to be able to connect to the remote machine but get's stuck in "Welcome" screen and eventually, getting the "The two computers couldn't connect in the amount of time allotted. " message. Here's my setup

Home PC ---- HOME LAN ----- Linux router ---- internet ----- work router --- work PC (Windows 7) using putty, I have a script that opens an ssh session from work PC to the linux router and opens a remote port (3389) and tunnels it to localhost:3389 which is on all the time to maintain the connection to my linux router.

This way, I can rdp from home PC to my work PC without having to start a VPN. So, the tunnel is from the "private" side of the linux router (, port 3389 to my work PC I launch RDP from home PC (XP SP3) and point it to LinuxRouter:3389, RDP window comes up, gives me the screen for username/password.

If I enter correct credentials, it goes to the welcome screen and sits there for a minute or two and then gives the "The two computers couldn't connect in the amount of time allotted. " messay.

Reading some of the other posts, I've tried changing the destination of the tunnel (on work pc) to

In general, my guess is that the connection works fine. the port (3389) is forwarded correctly from the linuxRouter over SSH to my work PC. However, it seems like RDP server on Windows 7 doesn't like to start the connection to itself.

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How to run XAMPP in one account and Windows IIS in another account?

I would like to know if it is possible to open two accounts and run XAMPP in one account and run the Windows IIS in another account? I have to do this because I do not have the money to pay to host on the cloud.

I am testing different websites on localhost. I just want to make sure that they do not conflict because I know that XAMPP has services that run and I think that they would not run on the other account, but I am not sure.

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Access to hosts file disabled + Windows Defender not working + sound not working

1. My computer had some malware issues and some browser redirect issues (probably from before the more recent malware). I ran a full MBAM scan to get rid of Internet Security. I also ensured the .exe and .dll files were no longer present. I also ran a HijackThis scan and did manual removals. So far it looks like Internet Security is gone but I'm still getting redirects, youtube doesn't work (404 not found -ngix), and I can't access/edit/move/do anything to my hosts file. I tried safe boot as well and I still can't edit. I attempted some command line stuff to try to give me access to the file but it doesn't work. Also, read-only and hidden are checked in the properties but it doesn't let me edit those either; I get an access denied error. My lone O1 line from the Hijack log is something with localhost, nothing suspicious.
2. Windows Defender doesn't open. It says something like "failed to initialize handle is invalid". It's listed in the Startup tab of msconfig and enabled.
3. Not sure if it's related but my sound has recently stopped working as well. I know it's not the speakers (built into monitors) as I tried brand new ones and they didn't work either. In the mixer, I can see the audio levels fluctuating when watching a youtube video for example, but I don't hear anything. I've toyed around with settings and everything in my audio control panel but still nothing.

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