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Unable to create new folder in Windows 7

Unable to create new folder in Windows 7
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I am unable to create a new folder by any means in Windows 7. From within Windows Explorer if I select the "New Folder" option, nothing happens. Also, from the Desktop, the "Folder" option does not show when right-clicking and selecting "New".

I have done a system restore back beyond where I knew it was working and am still not able to create a new folder.

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How to create a new folder in Windows 7 32 bit?

I cannot seem to create a new folder any more in Windows Explorer within another folder. I'm not sure when this started,? When I right click in the folder, & select new, it does not appear among the options.

I have run a SFC /scannow from the comment mode, which completed & made some corrections, but still cannot create a new folder.

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New folder tweak - how to change the folder color?

How can I create a new type of folder with special functions? I would like to create new type of folder that has a black folder icon instead of the normal yellow colour. All while still being able to create the regular yellow folders.

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Can not create a new folder in windows explorer

To my knowledge I have added no software to my stand alone Desktop machine. I have 2 users on this machine user X and user Y.

I can create a directory/folder through the command processor. When I click the create folder button nothing happens. When I do a right click on the create folder button nothing happens.

I have 2 questions: what did I do to kill the create folder feature and how do I correct the problem?

I am very freightened about messing with the Registry because I am ignorant about what it does.

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Why can't I create new folders?

When I right-click instead of being able to create a "new folder", I have the option to create a "shortcut". Also, When I open a folder I can't use the "create new folder" button on the top task bar. When I click it, nothing happens.

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Cannot create new folder?

It used to work? I do it all the time but the last time I tried to create a new folder it wouldn't work. Anywhere in any of my libraries, in my C drive, no where. I tried right clicking, I tried moving it to another folder and then hitting make new folder and I get a message that say I cannot create a new folder here pick a different destination.

I tried to restore to an earlier time and that didn't work either? I don't undderstand why it won't let me make a new folder?

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Creating New Folder but nothing happens

When I open a current folder the option to create a New Folder is there. When I click on New Folder nothing happens. I can copy and paste a folder with content but none of this makes sense. I am using Windows 7 Home Edition.

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Unable to create new folders - You can not create folder here

But when I went to create a new folder, "folder" does not show up under "new". Also, when I went to a directory (tried several) and tried to create a new folder, it told me "You cannot create that here".

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New folder choice is NOT available anymore when Right Click

Suddenly, and w/o any warning, I cannot create a simple 'New Folder'; a 'right-click' attempt offers me only: 1.) a Compressed (zip) folder, or, 2.) a Briefcase. Why did the simple 'New Folder' disappear off of the menu list, and HOW can I get it BACK?

If I open Explorer and try to create a New Folder from there, I can "click on the 'New Folder' button ALL DAY, but it does NOTHING".

What's going on here ?

I am running Windows 7, and have been doing so for 15-16 months, w/o any real problems, until now.

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"New Folder" problem; Unable to create from clicking this on toolbar

For reasons unknown, when I click "New Folder" on the toolbar (via WIndows Explorer or any window where this appears on the Toolbar/Command bar) nothing happens. I'm unable to create a new folder in the window that's open. Doesn't matter where I try this, it's not working.

I'm logged in with my regular User profile, which has Admin privileges. (It isn't that the "New Folder" words don't appear on the toolbar . it's just that it doesn't work to create a new folder in the window.) I can see other files in the folder, as well as other previous folders, but I can't create any new folders where I'd like them. I've looked in the Folder Options, and everything looks fine.

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Windows 7 missing "Create New Folder" option

I went to create a new folder under documents and won't, then tried it elsewhere (desktop etc) and it shows me a shortcut to create a new folder, and wants me to browse to it. I don't know where to make it browse to, to even see if it works or not.

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Create Sub-Folder in Folder E3200 router

I have a USD HDD in my E3200 router. I create a Folder called Music which has 30 Sub-Folders.

Today I CANNOT create a Sub-Folder in my Music Folder. The computer says “you need permission to perform this action”

I right click on my Music folder and go to property/permission/edit. When I change Permission, the Computer won’t allow me to do that.

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I cannot create a new folder in any of libraries or anywhere for that matter?

I used to be able to create new folders but it doesn't work now and I don't know why? I am running windows 7 64 bit. I tried clicking on the link to create new folder, I tried moving the file and clicking make new folder, none of it works.

I tried right clicking and going to new and the option for a new folder isn't even there? I tried to restore to a previous time and that didn't work. I don't know what else to try?

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Inability to create a new folder and how to fix it?

I can no longer create a new folder on my PC. I used to right-click, choose "new", choose "new folder" and it appeared. Now, "new folder" isn't in the list and I can't create a folder even by selecting the option from the top of an existing folder.

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No New folder on right mouse menu

When I try to create a new folders on my pc, I can't create. there do not have create a new folder when I right click on mouse. why I can't ?

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Adding folder without a New TaskBar!

I want to add a folder to Windows 7 taskbar without the need to create a new toolbar and then create a folder then a sub-folder. I want to drag and drop the folder from my desktop then lock it and remove it from my desktop.

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Customizing folder properties to change its icon

I am trying to create an Icon for windows 7 that I can put in all my music folders that can incorperate whatever folder.jpg is in that specific folder. (I.e. a CD Case with whatever Folder.jpg is in said folder) I know there has to be a way to do this because the default icons have that feature (I.e.

A folder with Folder.jpg sticking out of it) I use IcoFX to create icons and can't seem to find a feature that would provide the desired effect, also once made, how do I change the default folder icon to use said icon?

Lastly would like to create the effect that once I move my cursor over it the CD case opens. just a simple second image that I've seen icons do Just not sure what program to use to create this icon effect

I Have started creating individual icons with each album art on it but its a long tedious process and just would like to know how to create one universal icon that puts the correct pic on it automatically.

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I can't create new folder in Window's 7

There is no option for create new folder on the menu, keyboard shortcut does not work, there is no registry entry for new in the specified folder.

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Unable to create folder in documents. No error, it just doesn't respond.

Why is it that I can not create a folder anymore in my documents after I install skydrive? means to say if I click "folder" to make a new folder in my documents it will not response anymore after I install/activate sky drive.

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Error cannot create a new folder here

In am logged in as Administrator in Windows 7 Pro and cannot create a new folder in any directory. When I attempt to do so I either get an error message such as "cannot create a new folder here" or my choices for "new" are limited to "briefcase".

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Reset folder's icon on Windows 7 to default

I have some files being downloaded. When I came home, I tried to create folder on my desktop. When I created the folder, the default icon was "unknown". When I right click on the folder, and went to the "change icon" tab, the icon was the default icon for folder.

Then I click on "change icon" and I selected again the default folder icon.

But every time I create folder it is by default an unknown file. The funny thing is that if I create a folder inside other folder,

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New folder is not listed in right click menu

For some reason I am unable to create a new folder on either of my drives. When I click on New Folder nothing happens and if I right Click in a blank area when the menu appears for New folder I do not have the option of New folder.

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I can't create a new folder anymore

First off, I am the administrator and have my settings on full control. I am running Windows 7 Pro x64.

Ok so I don't know what disabled me from creating new folders, but there has to be a way to change it back. Whenever I right click, instead of there being the "folder" option under the "new" tab, it just shows "shortcut" in place of where the folder would be.

I also opened up the "Documents" folder and tried creating a new folder by clicking on the "New Folder" tab inside the "Documents" folder.

Neither of those options worked. I don't know if something got disabled or deleted, but I can't create new folders at all.

I can still download and install whatever I want. It's just that I can't create a new folder at all.

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Why can't I create a desktop folder?

When I right click on open space the option to create a folder isn't there, My desktop is getting really cluttered because I'm not able to create any folders

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